#24 | Clip-in Extensions - tape in clip in hair extensions اکستنشن طبیعی شعر طبيعي
#24 | Clip-in Extensions - tape in clip in hair extensions اکستنشن طبیعی شعر طبيعي

SK Silky Hair

#24 | Clip-in Extensions

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Get your hair at full volume when you want it, and then take it off in a snap with a SK SILKY Invisi-Clip-In extension set. Reach any #HAIRGOAL you wish to because these seven-piece wefts come in different lengths and over 60 multi-tonal shades for custom-made volume, length, color, and style at a moment’s notice.

SK SILKY Invisi-Clip-In have an invisible and truly seamless clip weft that lies flatter than any other clip-in extension on the market. SK SILKY Invisi-Clip-In are 50% thinner at the top and sit flush against the scalp, unlike other clip-ins that can appear bulky and bumpy near the root (creating a dead giveaway that you’re wearing extensions). These comfortable-wear clips keep your natural hair damage-free without scrunching or tangling hair: no bulk, just natural-looking volume, length, and glam. Completely change up your look with the  extensions that can be added in minutes!

Total pieces: 7 clip-in pieces of varying widths.
- Four 3 inch pieces (2 clips on each)
- One 6 inch piece (3 clips)
- One 7 inch piece (4 clips)
- One 8 inch piece (5 clips)

Gram weight per length 
- 18 Inches: 160 grams
- 20 Inches: 180 grams
- 22 Inches: 200 grams
- 24 Inches: 220 grams

How to Wear Clip In Extensions:
  1. You'll Work From the Bottom Up, So Start By Sectioning Off Your Hair And Securing Most of It at The Top of Your Head.

  2. If Your Hair is Freshly Washed, Be Sure to Add Some Grit to Your Roots by Using a Dry Shampoo Before Adding Hairspray to The Roots. This Will Give The Clips More Hold So They Won't Slide Out.

  3. Section The Hair Off in Small Pieces and Use a Backcomb to Tease the Roots Where The Clips Will Be.

  4. The Hair Pieces Have Either Two or Three Clips (Very Small Pieces for Filler Have Only One). Making Sure to Open All the Combs.

  5. Attach the Clip Where You've Backcombed by Sliding it Into the Teased Area From The Top and Snapping the Clips Shut. Make Sure to Get the Edge of the Hair Piece as Close to Your Scalp as Possible.

  6. Once You've Attached a Piece, Let Down an Inch Width of Hair to Attach More Pieces To.

  7. Spray the Roots of That Section With Hairspray as Well for More Hold.

  8. Once Again, Backcomb the Hair at The Roots, Paying Extra Attention Not to Disturb The Piece That Has Already been Clipped in.

  9. Secure the Next Hair Piece as Before.

  10. Place the Side Pieces Above the Ear Making Sure to Keep The Clips Back Far Enough so That They Won't Be Visible Once You've Let Your Hair Down (a Good Guideline is to Not Place Them in Front of Your Ear). It's Okay if The Pieces Overlap With Each Other, Just Be Sure to Clip Onto Your Hair, Not the Extensions.

  11. Once You've Added All the Pieces, Take the Remaining Hair on Top of Your Crown and Section it Off to Be Backcombed. This Will Add More Texture to The Hair and Hide The Pieces Better.

  12. Backcomb From The Middle of The Top of Your Head Back, Into The Extensions.

  13. Once You've Backcombed The Top Section of Your Hair, Spray With Hairspray to Ensure it Stays All Day and Keeps the Extensions Camouflaged. Since the Extensions Are Made of Human Hair, You Can Use Any Product or Heat Tool on Them so That They Blend in With Your Natural Hair.

Care and Usage

About Coloring: The Hair Can be Colored. As a General Rule it is Easier to Darken The Hair Than to Lighten the hair. But Always Test a Small Sample First.
About Wash: Gently Wash Your Hair Extensions in Lukewarm Water, Apply a Little Bit of Sulfate-free Shampoo, Rinse Out the Shampoo and Apply Hydrating Conditioner. Rinse Thoroughly.
About Comb: Before and After Use Remember to Brush Your Hair Extensions Kindly With a Soft Bristle Brush; Make Sure All Knots And Tangles Are Gone! Never Comb Through Your Hair Extensions While They Are Wet and Only Use Hot Tools When They Are Dry
Care the Hair When Sleep: Always Keep in Mind, Never Sleep With a Wet Hair. Before Sleep, Make Sure Your Hair is Dry and Tie Your Hair Back. It is Always Best to Make a Loose Braid or Ponytail When Sleep.


Can You Use Heat Tool On It?
Yes,You Can Use a Curling Iron & Blow Dryer Just Use Some Good Conditioners
Can You Dye The Hair?
Yes. But The General Rule is Hair Can Be Dyed From Lighter Color to Darker Color.
Are Clips Already Sewn in The Weft?
Is This 100% Real Hair?
Yes, Full Shine Only Sell 100% Human Hair, We Have Testing Report For It
Are the Clips Metal?
How to Measure the Hair?
Straight The Hair and Measure From the Top of The Weft to The End.
What Shampoo and Conditioner Should Be Used to Wash the Hair?
A Non Sulfate is Best
How to Choose My Hair Color?
You Should Look at Your Hair in Outdoor Natural Lights to Evaluate Its Natural Color, You Can Also Send us Your Pictures to Help You in Choosing Colors.

IMPORTANT: All Full Set Clip In Extensions include a tester piece. If the color does not match as intended, please make sure that all pieces are returned including the tester piece. If all pieces are not received, your order will not be accepted as it was not received in the same condition as it was sent out.