Our Quality

SK Silky Hair extensions are made only from the finest virgin remy human hair, culled from healthy and youthful donors and is only available in a few colors as detailed below.

The dark colours (natural brown, dark brown and natural black) are sourced from south-east Asia, mainly India. The light colours (light brown and natural blonde) are sourced primarily from Eastern Europe and Russia.

At the factory, the culled hair strands are handpicked, sterilized, and sorted for the finest quality and textures. The hair undergoes no further modifications nor any harsh baths, perms or chemical straightening (unless otherwise stated) making it our most luxurious product that stands apart from majority of so-called human hair extensions sold on the market today.

Virgin remy hair is great for when you’re looking to make an investment in hair that will last for a long period of time, allow you to create custom color looks, and whip your hair back and forth with ease like it’s all yours. Our hair is reusable and with the proper care can last well above a year.

For all our other remaining hair extension with custom colours (Piano / Balayage / Ombre), we still use the same virgin hair, and put it through an additional process of alteration of the hair extension colour. 

“Remy” is a mysterious word that’s used often, but never quite explained. This refers to the hair’s cuticles being aligned and going in the same direction. When the cuticles are undamaged, the protective outer layers of the hair are preserved and results in in a more natural look and smoother feel. And because it is created with such care, it retains its natural luster much longer than ordinary human hair.

What’s So Special About Virgin Remy Hair?
Very few consumers really understand the human hair market and how important it is to choose your hair extensions and wigs from a reputable source.


The truth is, the vast majority of “standard” human hair comes from people’s hair combs. This fallen hair is collected by donors and sold to hair buyers, who then turn around and sell it to factories where workers spend countless hours untangling the hair and matching it to hair of similar length from various other donors.

Of course, a bundle of this kind of hair will never truly look very healthy and sleek. After all, it was already tangled and then matched to hair from a different head! The hair shaft on untangled hair is broken in many places, resulting in a dull appearance. The slight differences in coarseness and color between different donors’ hair does not have the natural splendour that more uniform hair from one head would have.