Hair Types

The best hair extensions are those made from real human hair. With the evolution of hair processing and collecting technologies, women needs pushed hair manufacturers to innovate even more. At first it was all about Remy hair, then hair grades and now we are entering the era of double drawn hair extensions.

What Is Double-Drawn Hair

Double-drawn hair is manually treated to remove shorter hair. As a result, 85 percent to up to 95 percent of all hair is equal length, from top to bottom. What’s the result? Really thick ends and much more volume.

Single-drawn hair extensions, contrastingly, are thinner at the end. It’s worth noting that most hair extensions offered by salons or retail stores in KSA are mostly single drawn.

Why Double-Drawn Hair

As majority of short hairs are removed during the production process, the double drawn hair appears fuller, voluminous, healthier and thicker as compared to single drawn.

Due to the thickness and volume, you won’t need as much hair as you would with single drawn extensions. This means that you don’t need to buy a lot of strands. It is simply, more hair for your money!

With proper care, your double drawn hair extensions will last for months, if not years! 

Basic Care for Double Drawn Hair

Double drawn hair extensions are thicker, but it doesn’t mean you should care for it less than you would with a single drawn hair.

To reduce shedding: Resist the urge to wash your extensions too much! This will cause them to dry out and shed. Don’t use too many products either. The more products you use, the more you’ll have to wash it. Use products only when needed.

Double drawn hair extensions are ready to use out of the box. In other words, there really is no need for a lot of product. If you’re curling and want more hold, you can pin them up before bedtime. In the morning, this should mitigate the need for additional product. If you do need to use hairspray, choose a product with a lightweight formula so you can wash the formula off easily.

To prevent tangling: No matter what type of hair extension you use, tangles are a chore. To keep tangling to a minimum, always brush your extensions. Bring a paddle brush with you and give your hair a light run through now and then. Make sure you brush your extensions before and after use.

Everyone’s hair is different. It’s always a good idea to make sure your real hair is healthy and the double drawn hair blends well with it.